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Yamate Kanko Jidosha Corporation (“the Company,” hereafter) has established these Terms of Service (“TOS,” hereafter) concerning the usage of the Internet-based taxi reservation site “CITY CAB TOKYO” (“the Service,” hereafter), which the Company operates.

Article 1: Scope of application of the TOS

  1. The TOS apply to users (“Reservation Holders,” hereafter) who make use of the Company and Service to make reservations for taxis operated by the Company (“taxis,” hereafter).
  2. Any matters not provided for in the TOS shall be based on various laws and regulations, the transportation contract set forth by the Company, regulations on fares and usage fees, usage information relating to Internet-based reservations, and terms established by payment collection service companies.
  3. The Company may change the TOS without notifying Reservation Holders in advance. When changes are made, public notice shall be complete when the Company posts a relevant notice to users on its website, and when a Reservation Holder uses the Service after the TOS have been changed, that Reservation Holder shall be regarded as having agreed to the changed TOS.

Article 2: Definitions

CITY CAB TOKYO (the Service) is a service where Reservation Holders apply to reserve taxis operated by the Company, make changes to reservation details or cancel reservations via the Internet through the means specified by the Company, and where simultaneously the fares and usage fees or the fees associated with changes or cancellations are paid for by a method designated by the Company.

Article 3: Use of the Service

  1. In the course of using the Service, Reservation Holders shall comply with the matters set forth in the TOS and the operating methods, etc. specified by the Company.
  2. There are limitations to the details of service that can be provided through the Service, and the Company will not provide services in excess of these limitations or offer reduced fees.

Article 4: Methods for contacting users

The Company may contact a Reservation Holder as needed using the email address, address, telephone number or other information obtained from the Reservation Holder when they placed a reservation. The means by which the Reservation Holder is contacted shall be determined by the Company initiating the contact.

Article 5: Provision of services

  1. As a general rule, the provision period for the Service shall be from Monday to Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Japan Standard Time. The Service will not be provided on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, the Obon summer holiday period, year-end and New Year period, and on other days specified by the Company, due to closure. However, even when the Company is closed, reservation applications can be made via the website 24 hours. In these cases, the Company will handle the reservations on the next business day after receipt of the reservation application.
  2. In providing the Service, the Company may restrict device and software usage environments for the purposes of ensuring the safety of data communications and the functionality of the Internet reservation service. In such cases, Reservation Holders shall prepare compatible usage environments at their own responsibility.
  3. While the Company will post public notices on the Company website when it determines or makes changes to the provisions in the preceding two paragraphs, in cases requiring urgency or when it is not physically possible to make such public notices, the Service may be suspended or restricted without notice.
  4. The Company may suspend or restrict provision of the Service due to natural disasters or other unavoidable circumstances.

Article 6: Successful establishment of a reservation

A reservation for a taxi through the Service is successfully made at the point the application procedures have been completed and a reservation establishment e-mail has been sent from the Company to the Reservation Holder after a confirmation of payment. Note that if the reservation finalization process has not been carried out by the designated deadline, or if fee payment has not been undertaken by the deadline, the reservation will be automatically voided.

Article 7: Payment method for charges

Payment method: Advance payment via the PayPal electronic payment system is used for payments. Other payment methods are not available.PayPal usage fee 4.1% + USD 0. 3 will be paid by the customer.

- Details about this payment method
Enter the PayPal site from the guidance of the invoice sent to the Reservation Holder to complete payment procedures. When using PayPal for the first time, it will be necessary to register as a member and register details such as credit card information before use.
- What is PayPal?
PayPal is the world’s largest online payment service with more than 200 million users. Credit card information registered to PayPal is not communicated to stores receiving payments.

PayPal: Japanese Site
PayPal: English Site

- Handling charge
We apply 15% handling charge for your reservation. (PayPal usage fee 4.1% + USD 0. 3 are included)
Handing charge will not be refunded even if you cancel your reservation.

Article 8: Prohibited conduct

When using the Service, the following conduct is prohibited.

  1. Submitting false or unreasonable applications when making reservations;
  2. Applying for reservations on behalf of another person without that person’s permission;
  3. Conduct that constitutes or may constitute improperly impeding the operation of the Service or causing a disadvantage to the Company;
  4. Unauthorized use of information such as the email address and password of a third party;
  5. Conduct that violates or may violate public order or morality, laws or the Company’s transportation agreement;
  6. Conduct that constitutes or may constitute tangible or intangible attacks or damage towards the Company, a user or the Internet reservation service;
  7. Conduct to transfer or sell a reservation that will not be used personally to a third party;
  8. Any conduct the Company deems inappropriate in the context of social norms.

Article 9: Changing and cancelling taxi usage reservations

  1. When a Reservation Holder wishes to change or cancel a taxi reservation made through the Service, the change or cancellation process is carried out by contacting the Company directly by telephone, or by performing operations using the Service. Changes and cancellations cannot be made by methods such as fax or email. However, this will not apply if taxi services have been suspended for reasons attributed to the Company.
    [Change and Cancellation Charges except for TOKYO CITY TOUR]
    Up to 2 business days before the usage date:free
    Up to 1 business day before the usage date until the usage time:50% of the usage charge
    From the use time onwards100% of the usage charge
  2. The Company dispatches taxis based on the details of reservations on the condition of successful reservations being made.
  3. Reservation Holders may ask the Company, in accordance with the TOS, to change the details of their reservation, or cancel the reservation fully or in part.
  4. Reservation Holders can perform the changes, etc. by the way of described on the website designated by the Company. However, when a Reservation Holder wishes to make changes, etc. after the Company-designated deadline allowing changes to the accepted has passed, a Reservation Holder will have to telephone the Company directly to make such changes, etc. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages or disadvantages suffered by a Reservation Holder due to their failure to contact the Company directly by telephone.
  5. As a Reservation Holder may incur cancellation charges or other charges due to making the changes, etc. described in Paragraph 3 of this article, Reservation Holders should always confirm the provisions concerning change and cancellation charges before carrying out changes, etc.

Changing and cancelling TOKYO CITY TOUR

Conditions of cancellation fee of TOKYO CITY TOUR will differ depending on contents of arrangement. Please make an application after confirming the arrangement conditions andcancellation fee conditions stated in the formal quotation.

Article 10: Cancellation of a reservation for taxi usage

  1. When a Reservation Holder has cancelled a reservation for use of a taxi for their own reasons, and when it is no long possible for the Company to operate a reserved taxi based on the provisions of the Company’s transportation agreement, the reservation in question will be cancelled.
  2. When the Company deems a Reservation Holder to be in violation of the TOS, or when the Company determines there to have been conduct falling under the prohibited conduct described in Article 8, the Company may cancel the usage reservation of a taxi without prior notice.

Article 11: Disclaimer

  1. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages arising from system interrupt, delays, suspension, data erasure or unauthorized access due to failures of communication lines, computers or suchlike before a reservation has been successfully made, or any damages suffered by a Reservation Holder due to use of or the inability to use the Service.
  2. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages suffered due to an email sent by the Company not reaching the corresponding Reservation Holder due to an inadequate email environment or communication pathways on the part of the Reservation Holder.
  3. When using the Service, Reservation Holders are responsible for their own conduct, and in the event they cause damage to a third party, they will be responsible for resolving the matter at their own cost.
  4. While the Company makes every effort to provide Reservation Holders with appropriate information and advice, that information or advice does not imply the assumption of any responsibility.
  5. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages suffered by a Reservation Holder as a result of violating the TOS or other rules.
  6. The Company offers no guarantees that the email messages sent from the website, servers, domains, etc. of the Service or the contents of the Service, etc. do not contain harmful elements such as computer viruses.
  7. When performing periodic or emergency maintenance on systems, when the systems are subject to concentrated load, when it becomes necessary to ensure the security of Reservation Holders and when otherwise deemed necessary, the Company may interrupt or suspend the provision of all or part of the Service without prior notice. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages suffered by Reservation Holders in such cases. When a Reservation Holder has caused inconvenience or damages to another person in the course of using the Service, the parties take responsibility for resolving the matter between themselves, and the Company shall assume no responsibility whatsoever for the matter.
  8. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever even when a Reservation Holder suffers some manner of inconvenience or damages due to unavailability of the Service for reasons described in the preceding article, issues with the communications environment or suchlike.
  9. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages suffered by a Reservation Holder whether willfully on the part of the Reservation Holder or due to negligence such as failing to make changes to Reservation Holder information.

Article 12: Other

  1. The TOS shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
  2. In the event a dispute arises in relation to usage of the Service that cannot be resolved through mutual discussion between the parties, the Tokyo District Court shall be the court of first instance with exclusive jurisdiction by agreement over the matter.

Article 13: Ownership of rights

The rights to all tangible and intangible properties including records such as data and materials concerning the Service belong to the Company.